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  • Paul Kurecka
    May 14, 2012
      Dobrý den,

      My name is Pavel Kůrečka. I am descendant from Czech immigrants, specifically my Father’s Parents Jakub Kůrečka and Katřina Urbančiková-Kůrečková.

      I live in Michigan, but have had the pleasuring of being in San Antonio, Texas a few times.

      I have been researching my family genealogy and have been able to trace both Grandparents’ sides completely to their respective Great Grandparents, and on my Grandfather Paternal line as far back as early 1700s (my 6th Great-grandfather).

      Specifically, Grandfather and his line are from Veselí (now Veselí nad Moravou) (including the environs of Milokošť and Zarazice) and Grandmother and her line are from Vnorovy (and the environs of Lideřovice, Kozojídky, Hroznová Lhotta and Žaraviný). I have also found the link between the Kůrečkoví line I am from and the Kůrečkoví line from Vnorovy.

      Also, I still have family in Vnorovy and have visited there (Veselí and Praha) more than once.

      I look forward to electronically meeting other Czech descendants, and perhaps distant relatives, here. And I am always happy to share research findings and resources.


      Pavel Kůrečka
      Scénář/Moravské potomek/Polskich potomek/Pommerschen Nachkomme
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