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  • kotrlarj@juno.com
    Mar 1, 2001
      Peggy and others.

      Thanks for being a vital part of this effort.

      I belive Rick G. had a logo.

      This thing is going to be so AWESOME!!

      Richard Jerome Kotrla II

      Researching: Kotrla, Kotrola, Kristof, Kristoff, Christoff, Kubena,
      Kubeyana, Repka, Balcar, Dusek, Marek, Hunka, Motl, Jezek, Slovacek,
      Jurin, Poncik, Klucasek, Mahac, Martinets, Martinek, Lichnovsky,
      Schiller, Friemel, Minter, Atkinson, Melnar, Machalek, Srubar,
      Woytipka, Surovik, Eubanks, Groce, Blaha.

      --- In texasczechs@y..., "Peggy Lowrey" <peggy@l...> wrote:
      > Some information on the upcoming meeting:
      > They are expecting between 200-300 people, guess at least half might
      pick up any fliers or material we could have out. We can also put
      handouts on the CHS State table, if we want.
      > Obit list is good idea - also thinking perhaps a listing of our
      Surname Database - but don't want to overwhelm, either. Perhaps these
      should be printed and put out in several binders (I can bring a couple
      3" ) This will encourage people to stay at our tables. We are
      apparently going to have a corner location near the main entry.
      > I am attaching a picture of the booth that Richard Garza has kindly
      offered. It will be just one of the sections shown. Richard can you
      identify the ladies photographed for future reference?
      > Do we have a logo or something to put on a page that has our email
      address and possibly other pertinent information?
      > Lets hear any suggestions, ideas or offers!
      > Peggy
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