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  • kotrlarj@juno.com
    Mar 1, 2001
      Thanks, Kathy:

      We will probably be in better communication the next day or so.

      Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else.

      Bring your phots, your laptop if you wish and your genealogy
      kknowledge and experiences to share with others.

      I will be sure to address with all due respect by referring to you as
      Dr. Smith. <g> And I am not making light of your awesome
      accomplishment. I am proud of you!!!

      Richard Jerome Kotrla II

      Researching: Kotrla, Kotrola, Kristof, Kristoff, Christoff, Kubena,
      Kubeyana, Repka, Balcar, Dusek, Marek, Hunka, Motl, Jezek, Slovacek,
      Jurin, Poncik, Klucasek, Mahac, Martinets, Martinek, Lichnovsky,
      Schiller, Friemel, Minter, Atkinson, Melnar, Machalek, Srubar,
      Woytipka, Surovik, Eubanks, Groce, Blaha.

      --- In texasczechs@y..., "Kathy Horak Smith" <khsmith@o...> wrote:
      > I am planning on being there with my daughter. Right now I don't
      know what to do. I don't cook - at least right now. I can bring
      pictures. I also can bring my laptop. Unfortunately, none of my
      family research is on this. If I owe anybody anything (that is
      anything but money) and your planning to be there let me know so I can
      spend this weekend getting it together. I will bring the books I have
      > Kathy
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      > Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 10:51 PM
      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] State Meeting
      > Dear fellow Czechlisters:
      > March 10 will be a milestone for this group.
      > This is the first time there has been an organized effort to have
      > booth and share with others how to be a part of the group, etc.
      > And it will also be even more awesome in the fact that many of us
      > get to meet for the very first time face to face. I intend to
      > camera, take photos and make a phot album so I know who I am
      > communicating with.
      > I am anxious to meet all of you.
      > Let's be there if our schedules allow!!!
      > Richard Kotrla
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