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58266Pamatnik Book Translaton and typing?

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    Jul 30, 2011
       Translation and typist?  Is there anyone willing to type some of the pages of the Pamatnik book in the Czech (The marking on the letters can be omitted).  Then paste the content into
      Then copy and paste the results and post to Texas Czechs <TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com>.  There are some of us could then take this translation and compare with the original Czech.  Then with the help of grammars and dictionaries come up with a better translation.
      I would suggest one pare at a time.
      First page 3.
      Then 7, 9.  Most pages are pictures with names.
      I am not too good at keyboarding.
       Pamatnik Book 
       By clicking on the page one will be linked to that page.
      Accordingly, the book was published by "The National Printing Company" of Rosenburg, Texas.  (I doubt if they exist anymore.) The book was put together by Joseph Bunata fo Ennis, Texas.  (See "Credits" on page 2)
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