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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    Feb 22, 2001
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      Erwin thanks for the article. I don't know anything about this house before I first read about it I do find it very interesting. I think the whole setup, once it is finished is going to be a fine tribute to Czech Heritage .
      And don't worry about the obits, as long as Bea and Dan Rost (plus others I don't know about) keep saving the local papers then Sara and I will keep typing those. So send yours in whenever you get a chance........lois

      epavlik wrote:

      Thursday, February 22, 2001

      By Virginia Leech

          A restored farmhouse, the Kalich House, is targeted to open May 1
      and be the first completed building of the Texas Czech Heritage and
      Cultural Center site in La Grange.
          The TCHCC, adjacent to the La Grange Fair Grounds, is touted as
      the premiier national tribute to the heritage of immigrants from the
      present-day Czech Republic or the former Austro-Hungarian Empire which
      includes Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Silesia.
          In meeting its deadline for opening May 1, the nineteenth century
      farmhouse, has immediate needs.
          Even though the exterior of the house is nearing completion,
      additional volunteeers are needed as finish carpenters, painters
      (substantial preparation will be required for the house interior), and
      landscape gardeners.
          "Anyone with these skills who is interested in sharing their time
      and talents in this historic endeavor should contact me," said Marvin
      Marek of Missouri City who is chairman of the restoration project.
          The farmhouse, donated by Johathon and Peggy Kalich of Engle, in
      far southwest Fayette County, was moved by Kana Brothers, Inc. of
      Ammannsville last June.
          They donated their time and equipment to move the building that
      will be used as a visitor center, office, meeting place and
      library/museum until a permanent larger building will be constructed.
          At that time the house will become part of the living museum as
      the typical of early Czech farm life in Texas.
          "The house is a significant historical contribution because it
      depicts the growing prosperity of the early Czech farmer," Marek said.
          The house was constructed  in three to five stages, starting in
      the later part of the 19th century.
          Floor joists, wall timbers or studs and foundation sills are
      constructed of hand-hewed logs.
          The sills were only flattened on the top and even the bark remains
      on some of them.
          An early addition of a room and dog-run to the original one-room
      house also involved the removal of the old roof and raising of the
      height of the original walls and roof.
          Later two more wings including two rooms were added.
          Much of the work on the house has been volunteered.
          Robert Slovak of the Ennis Slovak Construction Company has
      provided all the carpentry work, which involved the addition of
      porches as they existed in the 1940s.
          Willie Salik of Ennis installed the plumbing and Ronald Rebecek of
      La Grange's 612 Painting Company has volunteered time to pressure wash
      and paint the exterior walls.
          Arnold Pechal of Temple spent countless hours installing
      electrical wiring.
          All the electrical components were donated by his employer, YX
          Insulation and heating and air conditioning equipment are being
      installed by Reeder's Electric Company of La Grange at cost prices.
          Marilyn Holik of Holik Associates of Needville has volunteered her
      professional architectural landscaping services to develop a plan with
      period plants.
          To date this historic project has attracted more volunteers from
      communities outside La Grange.
          For area residents who have not already volunteered their skills,
      there are projects that take little time and other projects that will
      take more time.
          Jobs can be done during hours that volunteers have available.
          If volunteers are not comfortable with their skills for the Kalich
      home, they may catalog books, give slide show presentation or make a
      monetary contribution.
          To volunteer call (281) 499-2249 or email

          Finding this in today WEIMAR MERCURY  I thought that it would be
      of interest to the group.

          I plan to be in attendance at the Spring Meeting of the Czech
      Heritage Society of Texas in Rosenberg on Saturday, March 10.
      Hopefully to become better skilled in using the computer and internet
      for researching and transmitting material.
          For Steve's information I also have a lot of obituaries to submit
      but have too many other "irons in the fire at this time." I hope we
      don't quit with 1,000 obituaries.

      Erwin A. Pavlik
      P. O. Bjox 248
      Giddings, Texas 78942-0248

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