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53933Re: [TexasCzechs] My Computer is Fixed

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  • Paula Foster
    Oct 3, 2010
      Texas Czech Members:
      There are several ways someone can get into your computer.  I wish I knew them all.  I dropped At&t except internet and local service.  After that one day my computer would not let me in my Yahoo.  I called At&t.  It seemed someone had gotten in.  The tech help me to get in with a new password.  Now, I am getting official looking documents saying At&t needs to contact me in my spam box.  I just delete them.  If At&t needs to talk to me they can call me.  The second way I know is my Paypal.  I get official notice that I need to update my account.  I called them, they said they never ever send out emails, they call or when you look on to your account there will be a direct message from them.  Finally, in my spam I get notices supposely from my credit card company.  I just delete.  If anyone gets through my spam, I do not know you, I delete you.  The best advise I have I read in RD was on passwords, make them hard and weird, do not use family names, favorite pets etc.  Remember unless you have asked your credit company or bank to email you do not open.
      Like my son, the computer tech told me all you can do is have a good anti-versus and do not open anything unless you know them, but Momma there are hackers who are the best and not matter what you do it can happen.  paulasmaggie
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      dear pat and others.....
      pat was hacked on 14 sep 2010 and i was hacked on 23 sep 2010.  i am keeping a list of us czechs who were hacked and i have 7 names now.  my hacked message was the same to send money to london and if someone responded to it, the hacker gave an address in london.  we have changed passwords often now.  we also lost our whole directory and could not respond to it.  we did not know about "options/spam" and forwarding all my emails to.....the hacker.  we need to tighten our security up more.  thank you pat for the fbi internet crimes (ICC.gov).  i did not know who to call or tell.  please tighten your security now and back up your directory.  i feel like the chicken who woke up the farmer, who killed the fox in the hen house.  agk. 

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