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  • Paula Foster
    May 9, 2010
      Who do you have as Johnnies father and mother?.  Did is mother marry twice, if so who was the father?  Also, sho is Lydia Klimicak's parents?


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      Here's a part of a letter written in 1991. Lydia was working with a cousin of my dad on trying to get a Filip clan get together so Lydia and Rosette wrote back and forth and at times included personal information. I posted the following message in 1991 after visiting Rosette in Texas and receiving a copy of several letters Lydia wrote to her. I'm going out of town Sat and I'm not sure where I have the letter. When I find it I'll scan it and send it to you.

      "I have a LYDIA KLIMICEK URBAN who's husband was TOM URBAN Sr. I have a copy of a letter she wrote 1/26/1991. I'm not sure of their ages. Lydia was born about 1920-25.

      Part of the letter with some personal stuff omitted:
      "...Tom Sr. got one of his cousins Loretta Bergman's (was Ondrasek) son youngest of 5 children is: Jason Bergman of Pasadena only 18 and is in Korea and maybe by now in Saudi Arabia. He is...
      …at the Ondrasek reunion at the Somerville Lake last April...His mom is only 53 and his dad passed away be 3 yrs next month I think. Loretta's half brother, Johnnie Ondrasek was buried last Tues...he was Tom Sr's cousin. He would have been 83 next month. ...Johnnies dad and Tom Sr's mom (an Ondrasek) were brother and sister. .."

      Lydia Klimicek Urban's grandmother is my gr gr aunt and she was writing to a grand daughter of a gr gr uncle of mine."


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      > Kathy, There were 3 Vince Urbans.  Vince Sr. and Jr. plus one in Lavaca County.  Mine so far are the Vince Urban who married Rosie Ondrasek and had Vince Jr. and Tom.  At this moment I have two other Ondraseks sets of families to put in order.
      > I will send documented research when I am through with the other two sets.  Because of my business and house it is going to take awhile.
      > paula
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      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] Re: Blaha/Kubena/ Ondrasek
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      > Date: Monday, May 3, 2010, 7:33 AM
      > Paula,
      > Could you furnish the birth date of Vince Urban & Rosie Ondrasek? Also, do you have Rosie's parents? Do you have a full name for Rosie? It's possible my Mary and Rosie are the same person. I have a copy of a 1991 letter by Mary's D-in-L mentioning Mary Ondrasek as Vince's wife. I also found a tree online that has pictures of Vince and Mary. Also in the tree is Thomas Fred Urban, Sr whose wife's grandmother is Aloysia Filip Dubcak, my gr gr grandfather, Rudolph Filip's sister.
      > My information doesn't agree with yours and I'm trying to figure out if there are 2 Vince or what.
      > Kathy
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      > > Debbie, What I thought starting out was going to be a simple research on Vince Urban who married Rosie Ondrasek.  Then I found out Rosie's brother was Jan J Ondrasek who married a Frances Urban and then a Frances Surovik.  There are family ties between the Surovik and Ondrasek Families that I am having trouble with.  If you have a moment, would you mind looking over the documented research?  One other question.  Frances Urban all I have found is in the census.  I am told she died in 1920, then Jan J Ondrasek married Frances Surovik which I have documented.  Frances is not anywhere in the Burleson County Cemetery book.  Do you have any information on her?  Please, email directly if you can help.  paulasmaggie

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