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515Re: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?

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  • G. Martisek
    Jun 12, 2000
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      Jo Ann,

      There is still an active congregation of Czech moravian Bretheran in Vsetin just outside Hallettsville, TX..   I do not know what kind of info, if any that they might have, but it would be worth a try to contact them.

      Also, some of the early books by Albert Blaha briefly mention them.

      Jo Ann Sewell wrote:

      R. J. Kotrla: I do not have your personal e-mail address so will briefly state my message. My grandfather, Thomas Martinets, was raised in the Moravian Brethren faith, and I would greatly appreciate any information on where members of this church now meet -- or to what other Protestant faiths that they find follow similar beliefs.  I am going to the Granger area this weekend to begin a personal search on my maternal ancestry.  I have been following this site for several months and I appreciate the "news" I have received.  I would really like to go to the conference in Bryan, but am not sure if it would work into my schedule this year  -- the talk on the Moravian Brethren church to be presented caught my eye. Thank you, Jo Ann (Polasek) Sewell
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       Steve and other CzechListers:

      My take on this is because of  our deep commitment to our faith and God.

      I am not Catholic, with my ancestors being called "Evangels" and were active in promoting Protestantism and the beliefs of Jan Hus.

      We, as Czechs, have always had and continue to have strong religious beliefs.

      Our ancestors, as we do today, depend on our God to get through the tough times and the good times.  And we as a people, have had and continue to have both.

      Richard K.

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        Has anyone noticed how many of the Czech people become Nuns or Priest. I have several in my families past and present.

        Just an observation
        God Bless

        Zaruba, Lastovica, Pavlicek

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          Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?

          Susan your stories never bore. You also give the authors name which I like. It makes a
          difference to me when I read something to know if the author actually lived the story or
          is just relating something he has heard. I wish more people would write stories.
          This weekend a cousin died very young, 24, and it just makes one stop and think how short life is. My elderly aunt (oh is she saw this she would hit me with her rosary beads) is coming in for her visit and I can't wait. I wrote her a letter last week that I want her to
          sit with me and talk about the family. I also want her to write down stories of the family and things her parents told her. She was born here but she is the one who took care of
          my grandparents in their later years. She is a nun but she arranged a leave from the convent and ended up teaching in Sealy so she could live with her parents and look out for them. I know she sat and talked with them so I think this will be a fruitful visit.
          If she comes through for me I will post them. My grandparents were not early settlers. They came in 1914 and settled at Live Oak Hill, Fayette County, Tx.

          Lois Petter Pereira

          Susan Rektorik Henley wrote:

            <Each day when I return home from the office, I can't wait to get to the email and see what's there.> Gerri, I was glad to hear that you are still interested in the list! Richard, now that you are back, perhaps, we can figure out a little more closely what people want to read.  I know we can cover a wide variety of topics and cover a broad span of interests; however, when I am almost the only one sending mail...my stories...one begins to wonder what folks really want to hear. For instance, Rick Garza and I held a extended discussion on the settlement patterns of the Texas Czechs (including the role of pro- and anti-sesession counties), and the importance of the blackland prairies (including a second migration).  At the time we were doing this, I thought, "Boy, would l like to hear other views and information on this.  I'd like to share it with the list"  However, since there has been so little traffic, the discussion stayed between Richard and myself. Another thing which I did think about, should this type of discussion go to the list, is ensuring that proper credit to the sources used to support the positions. Authors always are due and deserve recognition. Anyway...in the end, I figured this discussion would just send people off yawning. It would help to know what people are interested in.  I really don't wish to torture or at least bore folks. Susan Rektorik Henley



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