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492RE: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?

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  • Kotrla RJ (Richard)
    Jun 12, 2000
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      There are definitely similarities in the culture, the heritage and the

      But I suspect there might be more than one Czech who will challenge you on
      who can party better, the Czechs or the Poles. I suspect it would be a
      pretty even contest, if we held one.

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      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?

      My mother was a young widow with 3 children. Two of whom were
      boys! She remarried a Polak, actually a saint, who else would take
      on a
      ready made family and
      make it his own. He was an outsider to us for about a minute. He had
      strong work ethic, he was kind, he put family first, went to church
      religiously and all the other things we were talking about. The only
      difference I see between the Czech and Polish influence I had was
      fact the Polish could party hardy. You don't hear anyone say oh it
      was a
      Czech wedding but you do hear oh it was a Polish wedding. :>
      Lois Petter Pereira

      "Kotrla RJ (Richard)" wrote:

      > Gerri,
      > If one can't be 100 percent Czech, being Czech and Polish is a
      > good combination. You can get to share the cultural heritage of
      > very unique ethnic groups. I believe, although I do not claim to
      > an expert, that the two cultures are very similar in many ways.
      > I am attending the July conference for the first time, myself.
      > Charlene Hurta, Patrick Janis and others that are more involved
      > have attended in past years hopefully will see your posting and
      > respond.
      > I do know I am excited about the conference and will attend.
      > I hope you and others will, too!!!
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      > From: G. Martisek [SMTP:gmartisek@...]
      > Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 12:22 AM
      > To: Czech list
      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?
      > I have to admit that I am one of the silent ones who has
      > the
      > lack of email on the weekends and in general for the last few
      > weeks.
      > Each day when I return home from the office, I can't wait to
      > to the
      > email and see what's there. I am both Czech and Polish. My
      > husband is
      > Czech so we have lots of relatives on both sides that I am
      > researching. On that note, do any of you out there have any
      > thoughts
      > to share about the upcoming genealogy conference? I have
      > at the
      > agenda and really think that I would like to go, but just
      > quite
      > know for sure.
      > One thing that I have noticed is that most of the sessions
      > only
      > presented once and often they are in competition with another
      > session
      > that seems really good as well. What's a person to do? Are
      > sessions taped? or will the material be available to the
      > conference
      > attendees from each session?
      > Any thoughts would be appreciated.
      > I, too, have missed hearing from you, Richard. I have spent
      > little
      > time looking at the Texas birth, death, and marriage/divorce
      > records and
      > am really excited about it. Unfortunately, time (or lack
      > thereof) is a
      > factor.
      > I will try to do a better job at joining in the list. Take
      > and
      > keep the messages coming!
      > Gerri Martisek
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