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49086obit: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Raska

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  • Rosemary Ermis
    Dec 31, 2009
      RIO HONDO -- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Raska, who live two miles northeast of here, were shot to death and their 18 month-old daughter, Willie Jean critically injured in a shooting at the Raska home about 7 p.m. Tuesday.
      Deputy Sheriff Jim Porter and Justice of peace Jack Carpenter, who investigated the shooting, said their report was not completed, but Carpenter indicated the verdict would be "murder and suicide."  Cause of the incident was not known.
      Raska, 39, was reported to have returned to his home from his job with the Central Power and Light Company between 6 and 7 p.m. Tuesday.  Neighbors of the Raskas reported the shooting to Porter about 7:30 p.m., but no details were available late Tuesday night.
      Mrs. Raska, 35, was shot twice, once through the chest.  Carpenter said he thought Mrs. Raska was holding the baby when she was shot.  Valley Baptist Hospital attaches where the baby was being treated, said one arm was almost shot off, but that the doctor had hopes of saving the arm and the baby's life.
      The shooting took place in an orchard adjoining the house.  Mrs. Raska was found lying in a road through the orchard and Raska was lying under a tree.  He had been shot through the head.
      A single-shot, .12 guage shotgun was the weapon used, Porter said.  Three shots were fired.
      Both bodies were taken to Stetler-Burdette Mortuary where funeral arrangements are pending arrival of a brother, Jim, from Yoakum, Texas.
      Other survivors include five children, Louis Jerald, 15; Joseph Glenn, 14; Doris Maris, 12; Minnie Scharlien, 10, and Barbara Ann, 5.
      Harlingen Valley Morning Star, Wed., June 23, 1943
      HARLINGEN -- Willie Jean Raska, 18-months-old baby who was seriously wounded in the shooting which took the lives of both her parents Tuesday night, was reported late Wednesday to be in fairly good condition at the Valley Baptist hospital.  An inquest verdict established the two deaths as murder and suicide, according to Justice of the Peace jack Carpenter at Rio Hondo.
      Bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Raska were shipped Wednesday night to Yoakum, Texas, for burial.  The two were found dead near their home at Rio Hondo shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday night.
      In addition to the baby who was wounded, the couple was survived by five other children, ranging in age from five to fifteen.
      Valley Morning Star, Thursday, June 24, 1943
      Submitted by Rosemary Ermis
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