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  • Paula Foster
    Sep 3, 2009
      Angelina, At times like this I think of the strong Moravian Women.  I say Moravian because that is where most of my family came from.  These women must have had a very strong faith to endure all of this.  My Aunt Katerina Urban Valigura buried a young one, lost a young one at sea, sent the six year old daughter with her brother-in-law and family and after a few years in Hranice buried her young adult daughter.  Quite frankly I cannot imagine uprooting ones whole settled life, crossing the ocean in deplorable conditions, and then like you said going through immigration was not easy.  Most of our families did not know English or had love ones to meet them.   God love them, quite frankly I do not know if I could have done it.  paulasmaggie

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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] BOB BULLOCK MUSEUM/EXHIBIT


      the immigration though galveston exhibit
      will be at bob bullock museum until
      october 11, 2009 and then moved to
      new york. i went to austin today to
      see it. bergmann, lasiker and alois
      kallus from schulenburg pictures were
      in the exhibit. the exhibit is very
      informative about the strict requirements
      allowing immigrants to enter. health
      and living requirements were strict.
      it was amazing the numbers that were
      shipped back. in one case, a grandmother
      was ill and she was hidden under a bed.
      one young lady acted like a nanny to slip
      in because young single ladies were not
      allowed in by themselves. i would have
      never survived two months on a ship,
      passed their strict requirements and
      get deloused, etc.
      hope you get to see the exhibit.
      angelina genzer kretzschmar

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