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  • tjslansky
    Feb 1, 2001
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      This is the site for the railroad board.  You will not like the fee they charge for a record. $21.
      My father was a RR worker and his death is not listed in the SS death index list.  My mother, who never worker on the outside, received her retirement from the RRB, but is listed in the SS death index, it list her birth and death dates, no location for her location of payment.
      I had almost 40 years of railroad service, retired 17 months ago. 
      I have been back in San Antonio one year. after being away for six years. Three years in Pine Bluff, Ark for the Cotton Belt RR and the last three years in Omaha, Neb and Council Bluff, IA. for the Union Pacific The first 34 years were in SA working for the SP covering from Rosenberg to El Paso and from Okla. to the Rio Grande with the Communication Dept. The last year here in SA, I worked mostly from Houston to New Orleans.
      It is rough, when you get caught in company down sizing and reorganization (four times) in the late years of your live.
      tj slansky
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      Thanks for the lead. This would be for way before the 70's, more like the 40's. And no
      it's not work.............lois

      alvarez@... wrote:

      I can not give detailed information on how to get railraod
      information. But I can give you a lead.  The Railroad Retirement phone
      number for here in Houston is:  713-209-3045.  When I have had to
      deal with them, they have been very nice.  Of course with me they
      have to be.  I work for a railroad.  But I am sure they would be
      willing to direct you (if they know how) to the correct contact for
      that type of information.

      I don't know how far back they have it. But I do know it goes at
      least back to the 70's when I started to work for the railroad. They
      were able to give me my complete work record in a matter of minutes.

      Webpage:  are you saying Richard G is smarter then me.(smile) I would
      have to agree.  Send a sample and lets see.  It should be no problem.
      I know your surprise is a ton of work for me. All I can say, is you
      guys haven't buried me 6 feet under yet. Maybe 3 feet but not six.

      God Bless

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