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4617Lois: railroad

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  • alvarez@brokersys.com
    Feb 1, 2001
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      I can not give detailed information on how to get railraod
      information. But I can give you a lead. The Railroad Retirement phone
      number for here in Houston is: 713-209-3045. When I have had to
      deal with them, they have been very nice. Of course with me they
      have to be. I work for a railroad. But I am sure they would be
      willing to direct you (if they know how) to the correct contact for
      that type of information.

      I don't know how far back they have it. But I do know it goes at
      least back to the 70's when I started to work for the railroad. They
      were able to give me my complete work record in a matter of minutes.

      Webpage: are you saying Richard G is smarter then me.(smile) I would
      have to agree. Send a sample and lets see. It should be no problem.
      I know your surprise is a ton of work for me. All I can say, is you
      guys haven't buried me 6 feet under yet. Maybe 3 feet but not six.

      God Bless
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