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45408Memory of Angeline Gaas

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  • Paula Foster
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Cousin Bernard, ask this be posted in the Memory of His wife Angeline whom he would have shared 52 years of marriage on May 3 of this year.  This weekend Cousin Pat and I had the pleasure of hearing stories about this gracious lady.  Bernard asked me to "clean" up the email.  I feel it is just right.   I was not able to attend the services, but Cousin Pat filled me in.  Cousin Angeline was buried in a traditional Czech Service then everyone gathered at her sister-in-law to eat, tell stories, share laughter, and a few tears.  All I can add is that Cousin Angeline was born to Moravian Parents who instilled the work and family ethics that many of us have.  God Bless this Gentle Quite Moravian Man.

      Thanks Irene for remembering,,,,The visitation and rosary service here in Victoria  was so beautiful,   Angeline looked like an angle,    The funeral home folks   were extra nice and did a wonderful job.   At Frenstat ,  where we buried her starting with a Mass with celebrant,  Father Ed  Karasek  from  West,,  who is our relative,,   a grandson of my  dad's  sister  Emily  Gaas, Karasek,     Father Ed  doesn't miss  a thing,  and made everyone  just feel  at home.   The tolling of the church bell  as we  went to the cemetary,  the same one   that announced the  entrance of  another of  Gods people,     a custom  I remember since I was a child,        The choir  started the services  with  beautiful czech  hymns,,,  Dravas  Maria,  and others.    Most professional  lookin  group of Pall Bearers  I ever saw,,  mostly  nephews, my younger bro.  Dan  and bro. in law   Richard Harrison,, and his son,,, another nephew,  who also had a bible verse reading,,    We haven't seen Angeline in dress clothes  in almost ten years,    Everything was so nice ,,  definitely fitting a saint,  which we  attributed to her.      Oh yes,, the beautiful czech hyms and  choir was arranged by Marcella Polansky,  Frazzel and her group.      Angeline has many  relatives buried   there and I have all mine,  so my  children are happy that they now have reserved space  among family  that goes back a long way,,  to be buried   when the time comes.    
      My kids will be home the rest of the   week  so what else can a person say,   besides  "Thank you Lord".
      Today would have been Angelines,,  and my  52
      wedding anniversary.        I sometimes feel like she was beat out of  everything in this life because of her illiness but I guess God wanted it that way for his reasons .    I wonder if she remembers us?  
      Yes, Bernard.  She is now a guardian angel looking over the two precious grandsons she never got to hold, kiss, or laugh with.  paulasmaggie


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