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454Re: [TexasCzechs] Is anyone out there?

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  • G. Martisek
    Jun 11, 2000
      Those are really great questions and I, also,  would like to have answers to them.

       I have heard that frequently when families or individuals came over, they came because other members of their family were already here and had sent message back home of how much some of the areas reminded them of Moravia, etc.

      Gilbert Bohuslav wrote:

      One of the things that has always had my interest is "traveling by ship" to America.  My relatives came from Bremen, Germany.  Information like:
          1) How did they get from Moravia to Bremen?
          2) How did they make those arrangements?
          3) What procedure did they have to go through to get permission to
              come to America?
          4) How long did it take and what was the ship/travel like?
          5) When they arrived at their port, how did they get from there to where
              they were going?  In fact, how did they know where they were going?

      These are questions that intrigue me and I would love to see someone discuss these in greater detail.

      Gilbert Bohuslav

      Susan Rektorik Henley wrote:

      <Each day when I return home from the office, I can't wait to get to the email and see what's there.> Gerri, I was glad to hear that you are still interested in the list! Richard, now that you are back, perhaps, we can figure out a little more closely what people want to read.  I know we can cover a wide variety of topics and cover a broad span of interests; however, when I am almost the only one sending mail...my stories...one begins to wonder what folks really want to hear. For instance, Rick Garza and I held a extended discussion on the settlement patterns of the Texas Czechs (including the role of pro- and anti-sesession counties), and the importance of the blackland prairies (including a second migration).  At the time we were doing this, I thought, "Boy, would l like to hear other views and information on this.  I'd like to share it with the list"  However, since there has been so little traffic, the discussion stayed between Richard and myself. Another thing which I did think about, should this type of discussion go to the list, is ensuring that proper credit to the sources used to support the positions. Authors always are due and deserve recognition. Anyway...in the end, I figured this discussion would just send people off yawning. It would help to know what people are interested in.  I really don't wish to torture or at least bore folks. Susan Rektorik Henley

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