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  • Sir John
    Feb 12, 2009
      Nancy, you evidently missed the post of how the name Sir John came about.  With apologies to the members, here's the post again:
      Hit the 'SEND" key by accident in previous message sent in answer to question if I am a knight.  No, and I was unaware of any nobility as you speak.  Am aware of Dr. Jan Mikeska, Prague, CR stating there were mayors and sheriff (as such) and judges by Mikeska name in Zadverice, Moravia area in 1700 I believe was he time era.
      I do have some nobility in my maternal grandparents side (one of the wives of King George was in family line and one of wives he killed).  I made up the title, live on Berkshire St so was fitting.  Used it kiddingly when I wrote computer club monthly newspaper to fill us needed space of newspaper and they never let me drop the moniker.  That was over 15 years ago now.  <G>
      Has been fun and made me red faced at times.  When flying with tour group from Newark, NJ to Prague in 2000, tour guide had it announced over the CZ aircraft that English Nobility was aboard, named Sir John.  I really don't think Queen Elizabeth knows me either. 

      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
      What good is information if not shared with others?

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      I've been enjoying the info on Sir John, but am curious?  Please, Sir John, tell us about your name.  I've been curious... where did it come from and how was it given to you?  Sounds like a fascinating story waiting in the wings.  (and if I missed it earlier, please indulge me a repeat explanation)
      Nancy Sugarek
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