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  • Doris Williamson
    Oct 22, 2008



      My father's name is Emil Sembera and my mother's name Agnes Fikac. Ludmilla Machart Fikac would be my grandmother. I would love to hear from the Machart side of my family.


      Thank you,



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      Although I cannot help you with the surname meaning question, I must ask: Do you descend from Emil Sembera and his wife? I do not have his wife's name, but her mother Ludmila Machart Fikac was my granduncle Raymond's sister. I descend from Raymond's wife Hilda's sister, who is my grandmother. I can put you in touch with some of your Machart cousins, and actually, Charles Machart is a member of this group, too.

      > To: TexasCzechs@ yahoogroups. com
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      > Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 18:31:26 +0000
      > Subject: [TexasCzechs] surname Fikac
      > Can anyone tell me the meaning of the surname Fikac or Sembera? My
      > father's last name is Sembera and my mother's was Fikac.
      > Doris Williamson

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