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406RE: [TexasCzechs] Folklife Festival

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  • John Vrla
    Jun 5, 2000
      The Kolaches were great at the booth and after trying one, I bought a dozen
      and they were gone by Sunday. Our group(Texas Czech Beseda Dancers) have
      been performing for 27 years(this was the 29th folklife festival) and we all
      agree that June in much, much better than August. We drive from Dallas and
      it it well worth the drive as this is among one of the top festivals for
      cultures put on in the state. The institute of Texas cultures is a first
      class run organization and they really take good care of the participants as
      this is also a very nice weekend getaway for all of us. Our group will be
      performing at the Westfest on labor day weekend and also in Sept at the
      Kolache fest in Caldwell. This is a great way to support your heritage, so
      yall get out from behind these computers and come on out. I agree this is an
      excellent way to stay in touch and share our culture, but there's nothing
      like being there. Can't email kolache, klobase, pivo, and friendships so
      make plans now for all of these festivals to share our culture together.
      John Vrla

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      For those who helped make it that way...I offer my highest praise for the
      representation at the Texas Folklife Festival this past weekend. Praises to
      the Institute of Texan Cultures for moving it to June...a "great moove" as
      weather was much more comfortable. Praises to the dancers...excellent job.
      Praises to the Czech Herritage Society for their wonderful tent and great
      choice of Kolache bakers. It was an all around fun experience. Now, for
      anyone who missed it...don't let this happen to you again. Life is entirely
      too short to miss this kind of fun. It is worth a drive. (Even though my
      was only across town) Our culture was well represented, and the mix and
      opportunity to enjoy other cultures was something not to be missed. Make
      plans to attend
      next June. I highly recommend it. Nancy Sugarek

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