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40443Re:Cotton Picking and Corn Shucking - Memories

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  • bmit1313@yahoo.com
    Oct 1, 2008
      I remember still, how proud my mother was when she received a kernel slicer from Sears & Roebuck... it was a round blade (the cob went through the middle) with handles sticking out either side... she used a little Bohemian ingenuity and took an old wooden bread bowl and drove a nail through from the bottom... she could take a fresh shucked cob and slam it down on that nail and push the slicer over it in nothing flat... the bowl caught not only the kernels but the milky juice... which she not only let us drink, but she used it in a lot of her baked goods as well.
      We had an old Cub Cadet tractor... the kind that had the steering wheel and seat off set to the right... we hooked and old cotton trailer (minus the sides) behind this and set it off down the corn rows with no rider... it would pull that trailer just fast enough that all of us could pull several rows either side of it... this is how we pulled the dry corn...
      We pulled fresh corn by going through the fields and playing "hide and seek" or "tag"... you had to make it back to the back porch (and Momma) with an ear or two or you were "it"... we always had great fun at this... aahhh the memories!!!
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