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  • gpatrick
    Oct 1, 2008
      My grandfather's corn sheller wasn't  so unusual afterall.  I'm glad it brought back a few good memories.   But, now, how many of you remember making  darts from corn cobs.  It goes like this.  Using a file sharpen a large finishing nail(a nail with a small head).  Shove  the blunt end of the nail into one end of the cob.  Using your pocket knife cut an "X" slit in the other end of the cob. and trim up a couple of large chicken feathers.  Insert the feathers into the slots and, wallah,  you have one very large dart.  We usually drew a target on one wall of the barn so we would have something to toss the darts at without getting into trouble.
      When we lived in Bermuda we rented the two upper floors of a 175 year old house which was owned by a store-keeper  named Ms. Fogo.  It is my opinion that she was probably as old as the house.  In the Fall each year she would take fresh corn shucks and boil them  into a "Corn Shuck tea".  She required all the females in her neighborhood to come to her store and drink a portion of the tea.  She claimed it cured and prevented all manner of common female  problems.  As far as I could tell it worked.  She also had other  remedies  for all sorts of stuff in her store but, not knowing what the Island Folks  put in that stuff we didn't partake.