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40432Re: Cotton Picking and Corn Pulling

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  • janapivec
    Oct 1, 2008
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      My 'Starik' also had the hand-cranked metal wheel with teeth on it,
      enclosed in a - I think it was a metal housing. Insert an ear, and
      turn the crank. The teeth made the cob spin so that all the kernels
      came off, and the cob went spinning out the other side. We kids
      thought it was the coolest thing.

      For pulling corn, Starik hitched up his mule, and he and I went down
      the rows breaking the ears off the stalks and tossing them into the
      wagon. A word from Starik and the mule would move forward until told
      to stop.

      He got me hooked on coffee. When we came in from the fields, we
      would have a cup of hot coffee (makes you sweat, pores stay open so
      you don't get overheated).

      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "Andrea (Andi)" <Andikat@...>
      > My German grandpa had this thing (wood & metal) that you fed the
      ears of corn (minus the shucks) into.? You turned a handle and it
      took the dried kernels off the cob nice and neat.
      > Andrea Novak
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