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  • paulasmaggie
    Oct 1, 2008
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      This is the story of my GrGr Uncle Joseph Mikus who was a "mail order"
      groom. It seems my GrGr Aunt Rosie Urban decided her sister Franny
      needed a husband. She started writing Joseph Mikus in Hrozenkov.
      Uncle Joe then came over with his sister Apolena and her husband Peter
      Venglar in 1910. Aunt Franny met him said no thank you and married
      Raymond Supak of Fayetteville. By now Aunt Rosie ahd taken a shine to
      Uncle Joe and married him. They settled in Fort Bend County. Both
      sisters had long and happy marriages. Now, I have heard of "mail order
      brides", but not grooms. How many of yall have stories of either Mail
      Order Brides or Grooms in your Family? Please, share your stories.