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38195Re: [TexasCzechs] chicken and rice receipe

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  • Nangotoo
    May 8, 2008
      Also, put in some shredded cabbage in any meat and vegie soup.  My French Canadian grandma told us that it makes the difference and it really does.  I don't know what the combo of cabbage and celery in a soup does, but it really influences the broth and makes the flavor of broth soup.  When I've left it out because I didn't have any cabbage, the broth tasted like something was missing.  Of course, we use all of the other things youall have already mentioned.   I've never liked noodles in my soup, but I do like rice in it.  Jewish Pencillin isn't the noodles, its the warm chicken broth.  Also be sure to add some bay leaves and take them out before serving.  That's the secret in Jewish chicken noodle soup. All that the noodles do in any soup, Jewish or otherwise, is to stretch the soup--just like rice does.  That way, you will always have enough soup in case people drop by at the last minute--which happened a lot at our ranch.  We rarely knew when we started a meal how many people extra would be sitting down to eat it so I still have trouble making small, family-sized meals for just the three of us (one of our boys is still at home).

      I heard the onions and celery in with the chicken to boil. I didn't hear anyone say GARLIC and CARROTS( I toss in a whole sack of baby carrots). When done, take out the chick and use a potato masher to mash up the veggies then add the deboned chicken and rice. Simmer to supremacy. It'll never be Granny's on that wood stove with her garden veggies, but it'll do. Especially when little ones have a cold. We've all heard of "Jewish Penicillin" (noodle soup), well, I tell people that is my "Czech penicillin".

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      George, Would you like a 3 am phone call when my colon ask me if I have "lost my mind"?paulasmaggie
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      Just before turning the heat off I dump in a couple of splashes of Louisiana Hot  Sauce.  Works for me.
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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] chicken and rice receipe

      Does anyone have a chicken and rice receipe? I have tried and tried to
      make it. I boil the chicken with salt, pepper, onions and celery then
      simmer. It is still lacking something, maybe my Grandmammas Touch.
      Help!!!!paulasmaggi e

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