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37909Re: Kutach vs Kutac

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  • meinkegj
    Mar 31, 2008
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      I was reading about Czech schools in Texas in "Krasna Amerika" by
      Clinton Machann and James W. Mendl and happened upon this on page 90:

      "Studies of the public schools located in Lavaca County Czech
      districts illustrate the extensive Czech involvement in community
      schools throughout the period of this study. At least fifteen Lavaca
      County schools can be described as "Czech." That is, Texas Czechs
      founded them and predominated among students, teachers, and school
      trustees through the years. The Vysehrad School, for example, was
      founded in 1887. J. F. Kutach, Sr. donated the land for the site of
      the original one-room building. A two-room building was constructed
      in 1905."

      Sorry, I don't have any more to offer, but thought some of you might
      find this interesting.

      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, livanec@... wrote:
      > In Czech it is pronounced Kootach. The original name is spelled
      with a "c"
      > at the end. The c has a "hacek" over the "c" which gives it the ch
      sound as in
      > chosen. My family & relatives have been mispronouncing my last
      name for
      > years. Still! It's your name & you can pronounce like you want.
      > Allen Livanec
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      on AOL
      > Home.
      > (http://home.aol.com/diy/home-improvement-eric-stromer?video=15?
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