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  • SHines
    Mar 6, 2008
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      Hi Ed,
      Thanks for the welcome and the story. Love stories! I loved the book that I ordered,  _Small Doses of Arsenic_. That also helped me to understand my mother's family and my mother more. Why my grandfather sent her to town to do domestic work to pay her way so she could graduate from High School. Only 2 of the 11 siblings did so.
      I recall that Mom said one of them cane from near Prague, and I think she said the other was Moravian. But don't hold me to task on that. I'm of an age where memory is as much fantasy as  reality. :) I'm the little old granny now.
      I speak no Czech. My mom tried t teach me, and stared with counting. Sorry, just couldn't wrap my mouth around the sounds. And I was never offered the chance to learn to read/speak the language. I think I'd have done better with that.
      Then there was life, and I got busy with raising a family.
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      Welcome to the Czech family.
      Now that you know your heritage is from Czechoslovakia, can you narrow it down to Czech or Slovakia?
      My wife and I made a trip to the Czech Republic 3 summers ago.  It was a most wonderful trip.  We met some of my Reznicek relatives and spent some time in their home.
      My wife and I speak a limited amount of Czech but were able to communicate fairly well until they started talking about new technology and then I was lost.  I found out that the Czech language we speak, is that of of our forefathers.  The Czech that is spoken in the Czech Republic has changed but they could understand us and we them. 
      It is a wonderful country and if they know that you are a Czech from the USA and From Texas, you will get the royal treatment.  We were fortunate to attend a festival in Frenstat and were asked to come up on stage during the opening ceremonies along with several Federal Representatives and introduced to the attendees.  We were also invited to join the town mayor and others for a great breakfast.
      Have many more stories I could tell you.

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      Thank you Cindy, for the link. I found my maternal grandmother' s surname, and my mother's surname on the list. I don't know the surname of my mother's paternal grandmother, nor of her maternal grand mother. I know my aunt was keeping some correspondence going with cousins in Czechoslovakia. At one time my mother told me the names of the towns or villages my grandparents came from, but I've forgotten them now.
      I really feel like I belong now. I have seen validation of my maternal roots in Czechoslovakia.
      Sally (in Oregon)
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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Frequency of Czech Surnames

      I found this site through "Cindi's List".  It's in Czech, but not hard to understand.  It starts with the most frequent occurrence and lists 9,999 names!


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