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37143Re: [TexasCzechs] Re-use of Graves

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  • pfoster
    Jan 4, 2008
      Nan, Well put.  You sounded just like my Grandmamma, except hers would have been a little bit stronger.paulasmaggie
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      From: Nangotoo
      Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 4:28 AM
      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Re-use of Graves

      The way I look at it, if I (or relatives)pay for a plot, and I (or they) are buried in it, that is who should STAY buried in it.  My husband and I paid for our plots in our hometown cemetery and those plots took several years for us to pay for in full.  We did not pay that money to rent or lease that land...we bought it and hold the deed for it.  They belong to us for our rest until we are called up or whatever happens.  We better STAY there once we are planted.  LOL!

      After the cemetery services for Grandmamma I left, but for Poppa I stayed.  I watched the whole process even though the funeral people were against it.  It gave closure. 
      Yes, Mr. Bacak I agree "dust to dust", but let tell you if I went home there was no graves "bent out of shape" would be the least of the problem.  This might sound "out of left field", but even though you know they are gone, there is still a "connection" .  I guess we could dissect this discussion until "doomsday" to me the bottom line is if you are going to move "Uncle Joe" let the family know, if no family members are alive then right down the information.  The same goes for the headstone.  A lot of times the headstone information is  a vital link to researching.   So, the bottom line for me was not just closure, but knowing there is still a feeling of "connection.   Now, on embalming there are members on line could give you stories about when there was no embalming.  There was a custom of "sitting up with the dead".  If I remember correctly it was not just out of respect, but to make sure the loved one was gone.  paulasmaggie
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 6:57 PM
      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Re-use of Graves

      Don't want to get anybody's dander up, as I have a grandfather' s grave that disappeared too.  But we get pretty bent out of shape over the sanctity of graves.  Biblical study reveals that the tomb like Jesus was laid in was probably just temporary in those days.  Once the flesh had decayed (and there was no such thing as embalming then - just some very temporary preparations) , the bones were moved to pits out in the open and the tomb was reused.  Remember the biblical exhortation about getting life out of dry bones?  That was the Jewish custom that preceded our Christian heritage.  And some get up in arms about my religious denominations insistence on the sanctity of cremains and not allowing them to be scattered in the wind.  Saw an article in the Houston Chronicle recently about environmentally- conscious "green" cemeteries where embalming and vaults were outlawed and wood and even pressed paper coffins were encouraged.  One woman who followed that thinking said she felt good about coming back after death as fertilizer for growth of a nice tree. 
      Now, that's not very consoling, but "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is Jesus' saying, right? 
      Ray Bacak

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