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36506Farm Life

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  • paulasmaggie
    Nov 3, 2007
      Family History, please correct or add. Most of our family members
      either were tenant farmers (sharecroppers) or own the land. If like my
      immediate family sharecroppers. That means cotton picking for the
      family to survive. Tenant Farmers had chickens, a milk cow, and a
      hog. The hog you butchered and hung-up in the smokehouse to get you
      through the winter. The women not only picked cotton, but canned
      everything from the garden, plus the parts of the hog you could not
      smoke. The family lived on the "canned" food, chickens, butchered
      hogs, fish from the tanks and creeks, or what you killed in the woods.
      If you are lucky a butchered cow. There were a lot of "beef clubs"
      which helped the families. There were not 3 square meals a day.
      Women could take a nice fat hen make a soup that could last a few
      days, take squirrels make a stew, or take vegetables including
      tomatoes and make a soup. So, to wrap this up many many families were
      large. The women cooked or baked anything found in the woods or
      creeks. Soups and stews were a necessity.paulasmaggie