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  • janapivec
    Oct 8, 2007
      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Coiteux" <rcoiteux@...>
      > Anything about Polacek(Polasek) and or Klacman from moravia-Vsetin?
      > Blessings and Bounty
      > Tammy
      Nothing even close to Klacman, but--
      Polasek: 78, 124
      pg. 124 (Latium entry): " Some 12 miles from Brenham, in Washington
      County, is situated the Czech community of Latium, with a small frame
      church, dedicated to St. Francis. Czech families came here in 1860,
      when this country was still thick with wild forests. The Kadlecek
      family were the first to have moved in, then came Supak, Tomascik,
      Urban, Sitta, Stary, Janda, Janak, Pivetz, Kovar, Kocebucky, Orsak,
      Macek, Grigar, Vojtek, Pisklak, Gerik, Duzil, Sulak, Krivacky, Gass,
      Sklar, Bednar, Polasek, Raska, Sedlacek, and a number of others whose
      names could not be learned."

      Polasek, Agnes: 200
      Polasek, Emil and Frances: 200
      pg. 200 (Wallis entry): "On August 16, 1915 a violent Gulf Story
      caused extensive damage to the church. . . The repairs on the storm
      damaged church were completed in 1917. Frank and Rosalie Raska and
      Frank and Karolina Pazderny donated the Main Altar at a value of
      $1,000.00 to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary October 25,
      1917. . . A Station of the Cross, donated $8.00 Agnes Polasek; Frank
      and Apolena Jurek; Emil & Frances Polasek; Johanna Sliva; Joseph and
      Johanna Melnar; Veronica Janovsky; Anna Pazderna; August and Albina

      Polasek, Fred: 30
      pg. 30 (Corpus Christi entry): "In 1905 Joseph Oujezdsky and his
      brother-in-law John Brandejsky from Bryan visited here. . . In July,
      1906 he moved here permanently. . . It was a disappointment for him
      how few Czech families followed him here. There were here at this
      time Alois Cech, Mr. Hajny, a widowed elderly man. In the autumn of
      that year Frank Kocurek came from Ellinger, Adolph Rohan from
      Yorktown, Fred Polasek and Mr. Zezula from Granger and Jacob Koblizek
      from Cameron.

      Polasek, J. H.: 208
      Pg. 208 (West entry): "The present [parish] board is comprised of
      Monsignor Joseph Pelnar Chair; Father Edward J. Polcak, Secretary and
      Treasurer; Frank Bezdek president of the local K.J.T. and director of
      supreme lodge; j. l. Svrcek, Joseph Masek, Sr.; J. H. Polasek; F. M.
      Marak; Charles Dvoracek; Adolph Muska; John E. Stanislav; Cemetery
      Committee Vinc Urbanovsky, Sr.; Joseph Kotrla."

      Polasek, John: 51, 60, 116
      Pg. 60 (El Campo entry): "In 1897 the parishioners bought three and
      half acres of land for $150.00 and in 1900 under the pastorship of
      Father G. J. Hendrick they built the first frame church. The parish
      committee was John Polasek, Adolph Mozisek and Joseph J. Vasicek Sr."

      pg. 116 (Inez entry): "The first Czech families mentioned are in the
      year of 1890 -- Paul Merecka; John Polasek; John Frydriech; Valentine
      and Al. Srubar; Tom Charbula; and L. Krause."

      Polasek, R. J.: 103
      Pg. 102-3 (Hobson entry): "It was shortly after the accession to the
      SEE of San Antonio, that Bishop Forest learned that in Karnes County
      near the Wilson County border – the diocese had been ceded a number
      of thousands of acres of land. . . . He . . . agreed to sell the
      lands in 1898. The lands were an inheritance from the Bishop's
      predecessor Bishop Neraz. As the price of land was rather low, a
      number of families came from around Hallettsville and bought up the
      land. Among these families was one William Kutac (Kutach); Joseph
      Ondrej; Joseph Honc; Filip, and a few German Catholic families.
      Frank Harmig and Kunz built a cotton gin. E. H. Mitchell with R. J.
      Polasek built a brick store near the Railroad Station. R. J. Polasek
      managed the store and also was an Express and Railroad agent."

      Polasek, Rudolph: 31, 32
      Pg. 31 (Corpus Christi entry): "In 1913 Father Joseph Klobouk came to
      this parish . . . Then came the families of John Malchar, Alois Wolf,
      Frank Malchar, Alois Motal, Anton Fritz, John Janosec Sr., Joe Ermis,
      Karel Batrak, Kaspar Zdansky, John Wolf, and Andrew Pospech. . . .In
      1914 came the family of Rudolph Polasek . . ."

      Pg. 32 (Corpus Christi entry): "The first officers of the
      lodge `Moravian' were President Leo Netak, Secretary, Rudolph
      Polasek, Treasurer, Kaspar Sdansky."

      Polasek, Rudolph J.: 14
      pg. 14 (Breslau entry): "In 1880 Anton Konecny was the first pupil in
      the Breslau School (son of Anton Konecny, Sr. still living). Then
      came Rudolph J. Polasek now living in Hobson and J. M. Najvar."

      Polasek, William (Vilem): 80
      Pg. 80 (Floresville entry): "Of the pioneers we can mention Jacob
      Zahn; Joseph Jansky; Bohuslav Pavlisk; William (Vilem) Polasek;
      Thomas and Frank Chupik; Lambert Chylek; John Marecka; Matula and
      Luke Strala."

      Polasek, William: 201
      pg. 201: "July 15 [1923] the following were elected for school
      building board, Adolph Faltysek; Joseph Lalo; Joseph Melnar; and
      William Polasek. They in cooperation with the parish board (Francis
      Viaclovsky; Anton Hrusek; Sylvester Pazderny; Karel Macha; Prancis
      Polak and Francis Pazderny) were to see to the collections of
      donations and the proper construction of the new school . . . Through
      hard and earnest work of Mrs. Marie Hundl, donations collected by
      her, a statue of St. Theresa, the Little Flower, was blest October 7,
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