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  • paulasmaggie
    Apr 30, 2007
      Let me tell you the reason for joining this site. It is not just for
      the valued research help and information. Through this site I met a
      wonderful sweet Cousin Pat and a absolutely delightful Cousin
      Bernard. This site has brought me laughter when I am down (I still
      will not eat chicken feet or tail or pig snout or brains or feet). It
      has a human side which most sites do not. It brings me sweet memories
      of the times my Grandparents and others struggled and made it. Oh, yes
      I have had to "pull in my horns" during discussions. That is hard
      because I am a blunt Moravian woman, but I was brought up to respect
      my elders. So, I ask, please let us not forget the "human side". Like
      my equally blunt Moravian Grandmamma taught me: If you quit learning
      you might as well be 6 feet under. Everyone have a good evening.