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33982Re: [TexasCzechs] Re:Publishing a book on family

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  • Gerri Martisek
    Apr 3, 2007
      Sounds like what I am looking for. It would definitely be for "family".
      I was also thinking something along the line of vinyl cover (or
      paper) with a binding of some type.

      Richard Martin wrote:
      > It also depends on your idea of "publishing". Do you want to publish a
      > book ON the family (for public consumption) or (just) FOR the family?
      > Do you want it to be a BOOK or a "book"? I can send you some photos of
      > the book I made for my family if it gives you any ideas.
      > I created my book using photos, illustrations, maps and diagrams to
      > accompany historical references/explanations of the period that were
      > directly relevant to family experiences, and added specific family
      > information within that. I was/am also cost concerned and in my case, I
      > had it bound at Office Depot's print shop, with vinyl back cover and
      > clear front cover (to show my pictured title page). That was just my
      > budgeted approach. I am very proud of it, and they love it. :-)
      > Richard Martin
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