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  • Mike
    Feb 26, 2007
      Sir John -

      Thanks for the compliment but no need to cancel any standing requests
      directed to Pat. I will settle for fond rememberances of many childhood
      visits to my Blaha grandparent's farm close to New Dime Box where I got
      treated to Grandma's home-made bread, which I spread with churned butter
      or with Grandma's favorite concoction of sweet cream, sugar, and
      cinnamon. By the way: Hranice, Old Dime Box, and New Dime Box are all
      in Lee County. Hranice is only about three miles (by road) north of New
      Dime Box. About all that's left of the Hranice Community are the two
      cemeteries. My Blaha and Hejtmancik great-grandparents, my Blaha
      grandparents, and many of their descendants are buried in the Hranice
      Community Cemetery. Albert J. Blaha and his wife Edna are buried there.

      In the morning, I will be going over to my mother's home. While there,
      I will borrow her Blaha Family Photo Album so I can begin scanning
      pictures for you and Pat. I'm pretty sure that the 1914 Balcar Saloon
      photo is in her album. If it's not, I will have to disassemble the
      bound draft copy of the Hranice book to get-at the photo. Not to worry,
      the disassembly is needed so I can eventually use it's pages to
      freshen-up the book being sold by the CHS.

      The Balcar Saloon photo is a real doozie. I suspect the photo was made
      on the day that the Balcar Saloon first opened in New Dime Box in 1914.
      Looking closely at the photo, it appears that the three younger men are
      holding rather large goblets (footed drinking glasses). My mother
      remembers these type of goblets being used in the 1920s. Two of the
      men's goblets appear to be empty or nearly empty, but the goblet of the
      man closest to the camera is about a third filled with a dark liquid
      that appears to have a head of foam, so it's either beer, champaign, or
      (don't make me laugh) root beer. The Saloon Proprietor, Vinc Balcar II,
      is pictured holding a smaller goblet that he is about to fill from what
      appears to be a wine or champaign bottle. It could very well be a
      champaign bottle because the bottle appears to have shiny foil around
      it's blob top and they might have been celebrating the Saloon's "Grand

      I remember visiting Balcar's/Riske's Dry Goods Store and it's adjoining
      Saloon in "Downtown" New Dime Box when I was a kid. The store and
      saloon was housed in a large, two-story red brick building with living
      quarters on the 2nd floor. As far as I know, the building is still
      there. The ornate bar looks mighty familiar and it would have impressed
      me at that age. I do remember the brass spitoons. My mother has a
      better recollection of the place from her childhood, but at age 93 even
      her long-term memory is failing her. I wonder what happened to that
      fancy bar???

      Sir John, your idea about me burning my scans of the Hranice photos onto
      a CD for the CHS Library is a good one. I will plan to do that. I live
      in Fort Worth but have been attending State CHS Meetings lately.
      Perhaps I will get to meet both you and Pat at the April meeting in

      I will e-mail each of you my scans of the photos you are especially
      interested in. Give me a few days as I am a known procrastinator.

      Mike Hejl

      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "John L. Mikeska" <jlmikeska@...>
      > Pat,
      > You talk about luck! ! ! ! ! What a gentleman Mike is. I'm am removing
      my request for the end slices of your home made bread, including the
      churned butter, and let Mike have them.
      > I'm Working with Pat Lyon on Balcar/Mikeska connectons and have many
      entries in the Hranice, Lee County, and Dime Box, Burleson Co and do
      have a copy of 'photocopy' of kin or two. I may be calling on you later,
      Mike. Of great interest is the Saloon photo at Dime Box, showing Frank
      Balcar behind the counter, with several in front, all having a bottle
      <G>. Frank was a distant cousin.
      > I'd almost offer to bring my laptop and scanner and help you, if get
      swamped with requests for photos. Not sue where you are but Worth
      several hundred miles driving! Mike, you are out of this world offering
      to do the photos. Sure wold be nice if photos put on CD and available
      for copying at the CHS Library in Houston.
      > Sir John
      > Mike mike.hejl@... wrote:
      > Pat -
      > I have an early draft copy of the Hranice book authored by my uncle,
      Albert J. Blaha. Almost all the pictures in this draft are on
      high-quality glossy photo paper, including the 1896 and 1897 Hranice
      School pictures. Also, I am fairly certain that my mother (Albert's
      sister) has these particular pictures in her Blaha Family Photo Album,
      so it would be fairly easy for me to scan the pictures and send them to
      you as jpg files. I hope that you have high-speed internet service
      because the files will be fairly large.
      > My grandfather, William Blaha (1887-1962), is the third person from
      the right on the front row of the 1896 Hranice School picture, so he was
      very likely a classmate of Clara and Mary Svach. I have not been able to
      spot my Grandpa Blaha in the 1897 picture, meaning that he had already
      dropped-out of school. He would never admit to my mother how much
      schooling he completed, but assured her that he had had "a good
      education." Unlike his father, he could read and write both Czech and
      > I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures in the Hranice book
      being sold by the State CHS. Sounds like it's time for me to provide
      them with better-quality photos for their master file. This would
      require quite a bit of effort so I am not promising how soon that will
      happen. In the meantime, anyone who had an ancestor that settled in the
      Hranice Community can ask me to scan and send them a jpg file of a
      picture in the Hranice book. Just send me an e-mail with your wish list.
      Be specific as to which pictures you are interested in and be willing to
      wait. Please do not request all of them. My e-mail address is:
      > Mike Hejl
      > --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "Pat Lyon" patsroar@ wrote:
      > >
      > > I recently acquired a copy of AJ Blaha's "Hranice: A Moravian
      Settlement on
      > > the Yegua". In it are some pictures of classes from the Hranice
      School. I
      > > believe the pictures from 1896 and 1897 contain my grandmother Clara
      > > and her sister, Mary, however, the quality is very poor from many
      > > photocopies. I wonder who might have the original picture, or an
      > > version of the book with a better copy of the picture? I'd be happy
      to pay
      > > for them since I want a clear picture and would treasure an early
      picture of
      > > my grandmother and her sister.
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