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  • CWarschak@aol.com
    Oct 31, 2006
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          Thanks, Lloyd, for responding to my request. 
          I can't honestly say that I personally remember Joe or Marie Parma but I knew of them.  My uncle, Msgr. John T. Geiser, was the pastor of St. Monica's Catholic Church in Cameron for a number of years and, upon her death, Marie willed her house and its contents to  my uncle.  That is where he and his house keeper of many years lived after his retirement from the priesthood.
          I don't think that Marie ever threw anything away because her house was full of her personal items.  I remember seeing closets full of old shoes, purses, dresses etc. 
          I am a genealogist (and also somewhat of a pack rat) so I retrieved the garbage bags that my uncle has put out to be hauled off and carefully examined the contents before disposing of anything. 
          I have had this stuff for well over 25 years and have always wondered if Joe or Marie Parma had any relatives who might be interested in knowing that these items exist. I am inquiring now because I was out at our farm this past weekend and went through the old trunk in which I have stored all that I rescued from the garbage many years ago.  
          One of the things that I have is an insurance policy issued in 1914 by Catholic Workmen Fraternal Insurance Co. to Joe Parma's. The policy is written in Czech, is very colorful and ornate and is mounted in a very nice frame. (Catholic Workmen  ceased to exist a little over a year ago when it was  assumed by the First Slovak Ladies Fraternal Ass'n.)
          I also have some of Marie Kristoff's nursing school textbooks and her certification from the State Board of Nursing Examiners, dated May 14, 1923.  I think that there might also be a picture album of old snapshots in the trunk.
          I'll be going back to Burlington on Thursday and will take a closer look at what is in the trunk. 
          We are having an Estate Sale this Saturday of many of my parents' belongings. This Estate Sale will be held in conjunction with the 21st annual city wide garage sales in Rosebud. (People will be coming to Rosebud from far and wide and Burlington is just five miles south of Rosebud.)
          Are there any other Parma or Kristoff relatives subscribed to this list?
          Carroll Warschak   
          Waco, Tx.
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