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32212Intro & help with translation of family momento

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  • tlraiford@hotmail.com
    Oct 3, 2006
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      Hi Everyone - first post here!  I'm a Canadian of Czech ancestry on my father's side, now living in Texas.
      My great grandfather & his family emigrated to this continent from Czechoslovakia twice: Once in about 1910 to Chicago. One of my great-uncles was born there, but Dad tells me that great-grandpa could not hack factory work, so they back they went to the old country! In 1931 with Facism gaining power in Europe, they emigrated a 2nd time to a farming community in the Swan River Valley of Manitoba, Canada. My dad was one year old at the time and he will be 75 next month.
      Fast forward several decades ... married a Texan in Cat Spring, TX in 1998 and found it an exciting co-incidence to read some years later in the book "Czech Voices" (pub. 1991), that Cat Spring was one of the first inland stopping points for early Czech immigrants who arrived at the port of Galveston.
      Through this list and other sources, I am hoping to learn more about Czech culture and organizations in Texas, *and* check out some of the Czech festivals. My husband's retired, but fleet-footed German uncle in Bellville is crazy about Bobby Jones Czech Polka Band, so I might just have to accompany him to one of those weekend dances sometime!
      Finally, I was wondering if someone who speaks Czech could help me translate the inscription on a plaque that belonged to my gramma:
      Oslavovati Tě budu
      Žalm 118,21
      I know the bottom line is a bible verse, and via an online translator I came up with a literal translation for the top line: "Jubilee" + I shall be'  - could that be translated as "I shall be free"? 
      PS: If anyone is interested, here is a short essay about my particular branch of Czech ancestors and their long journey to Manitoba, Canada.
      (3 links because I couldn't find on the Czech website how to navigate from one installment to the other.)
      Czech immigrants of the Swan Valley1 http://www.cesky-dialog.net/clanek.php?idcl=511&aidci=
      Czech immigrants of the Swan Valley 2 http://www.cesky-dialog.net/clanek.php?idcl=548&aidci=
      Czech immigrants of the Swan Valley 3 http://www.cesky-dialog.net/clanek.php?idcl=591&aidci=
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