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3123Re: [TexasCzechs] Help in translating

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  • Richard Garza
    Dec 31, 2000
      Hi Lois,
      stolar, see truhlar=cabinet maker
      as to otakar, perhaps a native speaker knows this word.
      Can you tell us in what context you found these words?
      Rick Garza

      On Sun, 31 Dec 2000 20:44:54 -0600 Lois Petter Pereira
      <epereira@...> writes:
      > I need to know the meanings of these words:
      > stolar with an hacek over the r.
      > and otakar
      > I found the rest on the on-line dictionary but not these.
      > Thanks....lois
      > --
      > Lois Petter Pereira
      > Researching Ahlhorn, Bokemeyer, Brdusik, Bruntrig, Cordes, Filges,
      > Francis, Garney, Gebauer, Hadac, Hadash, Halla, Hauser, Hoelschel,
      > Kaskie, Maciejeski, Manak, Nauger, Ollre, Orsag, Orsak, Otjen,
      > Papiz,
      > Pavlik, Pereira, Petter, Polasek, Pratka, Psencik, Rada, Rohan,
      > Sablatura, Schaub, Schroeder, Slovack, Susil, Tiemann, Urban, Weiser
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