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30944Looking for Place of Origin: Vaclav Broz and Josef Brazda

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  • jgbroze
    Jun 4, 2006
      My grandfather was Vaclav Broz. He came to Texas in the late 1880's or
      early 1890's. He married Albina Bartek in 1896; they had 10 kids and 28
      grandkids. The story from the marriage on is fairly easy to track, but
      his village of origin, date of arrival, etc. is unknown.

      One family story (from Aunt Johnnie Simpson, now deceased) has him
      coming over with his uncle, Joe Brazda. Supposedly they came to Engle,
      TX. So far, so good. I have found the Brazda family, and their great-
      grandfather DID come to Engle, TX. I even found immigration records for
      the Brazdas - dates, records in New York, city of departure (Bremen),
      etc. But nothing on Vaclav Broz, or on Joe Brazda's village or region
      in Bohemia or Moravia.

      Does anyone have any search pointers for me?