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30716Re: [TexasCzechs] Question about contact in Czech Republic

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  • Ron Walcik
    May 4, 2006
      At 11:32 PM -0400 5/3/06, Nbmachu@... wrote:

      > Congratulations on contacting MIrek Koudelka. My husband and I have
      > had him do an great deal of research on several of our families. We
      > find him to be completely truthful, and his prices are very fair,
      > considering all the information that he delivers. And you can be
      > sure that the info he sends you is absolutely proven beyond doubt,
      > from information he locates in the various archives, churches, etc.
      > We hired another researcher in the Czech Republic before we met
      > Mirek. That man gave me a wonderful family history on my family,
      > which I paid good money for.. Then we lost contact with him. We
      > then met Mirek. Mirek went to work for us and proved that the
      > family the previous researcher gave us information on wasn't even
      > my family. The ggrandpa that I had received info on had died
      > several years before my ggrandpa came to Texas. So it's good to
      > check on whomever you decide to use. We recommend Mirek heartily
      > and have a number of friends who have also had him do their
      > research and they would recommend him too.

      I second everything Nancy says. Last June we asked him to research my
      Ggrandfather Valcik's line for us. I thought his estimate was quite
      reasonable. Six months later we received a report taking TWO lines
      (both my ggrandfather's and ggrandmother's) line back 5 additional
      generations. And the price was less than his quote!

      Ron Walcik
      Killeen, Texas

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      incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are
      powerful beyond imagination.
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