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30410Family Tree program problem

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  • Pat Lyon
    Mar 31, 2006
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      One of my cousins is experiencing a strange problem with his Family Tree
      Maker program. He enters some data and then it doesn't stay, it disappears!
      At one time I thought that was happening to me before I realized I had more
      than one copy of the tree and therefore was entering into different copies.
      I merged all my duplicates and solved the problem. He swears this is not
      the case with his as he has only one copy plus the backup. Any ideas among
      you folks who know the program well? He has 2005 and/or version 11. It is
      a terrible thing to enter and re-enter data and then have it disappear on

      Pat Lyon

      Researching Urban, Svach, Orsak, Simik, Gaas, Vavra, Kunetka, et al.
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