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30061I`d like some info on my relatives.

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  • rblondiedrf
    Feb 28, 2006
      I was raised by my mother Mamie Ann Phillips in Kansas .I didn`t meet
      my father until I was 30 years old.My father is Dennis Materanek the
      son of Ann @ Joe Materanek.I never got to meet my grandparents they
      have both passed on.I have meet my other relatives like my father,
      uncle,aunt, and cousins.I would like some info on my grandparents on my
      fathers side of my family.My mother is the daughter of Lawrence John
      Phillips and Pauline Stevens-Phillips she lived in Point Comfort most
      of her teenage years.I would just like some more info on my Czech
      hertiage.Thank you.
      Denise Ferrer
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