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29728Re: [TexasCzechs] Bohemian invasions of "germany"

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  • J.D. Kotrla-Chipps
    Feb 3, 2006
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      Sad, but oh so true Jim.  There is no country, of dominance, that is "without sin", and therefore has to be careful about casting the first stone.

      I think one major instance of this has, thus far, not been mentioned, but the European invasion of North America, and the slaughter of the indigenous peoples here is one of the most shameful acts on which a country has ever been formed.  This isn't just historic either, it is as ongoing today, in 2006, as it was in 1492.  Only the techniques and methods have been improved upon but none-the-less result is the same, elimination of an indigenous population for the sake of conquest and obtaining what they had, for no other reason than we wanted it.  Manifest Destiny and papal bulls made it OK because indigenous peoples didn't have souls, so it was all right to kill them, and take what they had.

      Part of my heritage, in addition to being 1/2 Czech, is Native American, and I know of which I speak.


      J.D Kotrla (the czech part)-Chipps (the Native American part)

      Jim Hlavac wrote:
      Bohemian Invasions of "Germany"
      There being no "Germany" until 1871, it's a tough call -- and technically, yes, Czechoslovakia never invaded Germany since both are modern constructs --
      yet -- do not confuse the past 100 years with the long history of European skulduggery -- no country or people in Europe is innocent -- some were better at the slaughter, some more organized, and some used later technological means that had they been at the disposal of earlier rulers would have been surely used way back then.  But the psychosis of violence was there among them all. To wit:

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