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29687Re: "History of Emigration To Texas" by CATV

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  • Lolly
    Feb 2, 2006
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      Folks, I've had several responses to the possibility of obtaining
      a video tape of the "History of Emigration to Texas" program
      from you. I'll have to get back to you about this. I hope I
      haven't painted myself into a corner. :-)

      A major issue which needs to be addressed is compliance with
      copyright laws. If those broadcasts are copyrighted, permission
      would have to be obtained before they can be reproduced.

      I have written to Mr. Jiri Unruh, as suggested by Mr. Honner.
      I will let you know what develops.

      Thanks to all of you who responded.

      Lolly Petter Pilgrim
      Dear Mr. Unruh,

      I recently contacted Mr. John Honner (see copy below
      followed by his response) about the possibility of obtaining
      a video of the serial, "History Of Emigration to Texas "",
      Parts 1- 7. As you can see by my description below, I
      am particularly interested in this series because my family is
      represented in the photo in Part 1. Several other fellow
      Texas Czechs have expressed a desire to obtain a video tape
      of this program also.

      According to Mr. Honner, a video tape can be made if
      there are at least ten requests for such. Can you quote a
      price (per tape), plus shipping and handling, and a delivery
      time frame? Also, to whom should such a request be

      If you cannot supply video tapes, is the material copyrighted?
      If it is not copyrighted, may we have permission to reproduce
      it ourselves?

      Thank you,

      Laura Petter Pilgrim

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      From: Lolly
      To: HLASATEL@...
      Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 12:19 PM
      Subject: To John Honner

      Dear Sir,

      Is the TV serial, "History Of Emigration to Texas :" (Parts 1 through 7)
      available in video tape format? If so, I would very much like to order a
      copy and send you payment due upon your response.

      I discovered this very day that you have a photo on the ad for 'Part 1' of
      my grandfather's family! This is a photo of my grandfather, Frank Petter,
      holding his son, Frank Petter, Jr. (my father) and my grandmother, Amalie
      Kupcak Petter holding my uncle, Henry Petter. The three children in front
      are my aunts, Anita and Carrie, and another uncle, Julius. I wonder where
      you obtained the photo? I suspect it was taken from the 2004 Czech
      Calendar produced by the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center, Inc.
      ( TCHCC ) in La Grange, TX as I sent the photo in for publication in
      the calendar.

      Please let me know as soon as possible, if I can get this TV serial
      on video tape as I am the coordinator for a family reunion scheduled
      for April 30, and would like to show the film to my relatives at that
      time. What a grand surprise that,would be! I downloaded Part 1 on a
      disk as I only have dial-up connection.

      Your web site is great! I wish we could get your TV station broadcasts
      here in Texas!

      Laura Petter Pilgrim
      Mr. Honner's reply:

      Dear Madam, Czech-American TV is a non for profit and we working like
      vulenteers . My self i have to first translate your email to Czech.
      You ask about obtain Tape. Sorry, we do not producing tapes. We have
      not technic for this. We have not enough donations for this. If will
      more peole what want tis tape (minimum 10) we will go to service and
      we will let do them tapes with profesional quality. If you know
      minimum 10 people we do copy for you. This movie serial (7 parts) was
      made also vulenteerly by producer Jiri Unruh from Czech Republic who
      visit texas couple years ago. Our Czech-American TV team help put
      there english speach and english text. If you looking where Mr. Unruh
      find this pictures, you have to ask him, maybe he will remember where.
      His email is tvart@...
      Thanks John Honner
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