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29678Re: [TexasCzechs] German/Czech Interaction WWII era and sharing information

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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    Feb 2 6:34 AM
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      Jennifer, I am sorry that you feel bad. Let me say that if you were offended by what I wrote I am truly sorry. I just highlighted some Cz history from a travel page and input what I heard about the Gypsies. I too love talking about history, could be why I am a genealogist (but not a historian, otherwise I would spend all my time on the wrong end of the book) but to personally slam someone is not my style and never will be. My belief is to "Live and let Live". I have been slammed recently by some members and all I can say is "Whatever". This is a discussion group and there is never any need to make someone else feel bad about themselves. I am sorry and I want you to continue to post. We all have mixed heritages and sometimes one of the others slip into the posts and that is what makes it interesting. Many of us are interested in traditions, recipes, family stories, history, and just how each one is doing in our lives and this is what our group is about..lois petter pereira  
      Jennifer Moore <kubicek@...> wrote:
      I'm really sorry I shared my grandmother's story. I did not mean to get
      everyone so riled up. I have both German and Czech heritage, Polish too
      for that matter. I simply thought it was interesting.

      The land in question, and for that matter most land in Europe, changed
      rulers, countries so many times. I have a relative who was drafted to
      serve in the Austrian army, even though he was Czech. You can't change the
      past. To me, it's all just interesting. It's important to know, because if
      you don't know history you're doomed to repeat it.

      I like the fact this group is so sharing. I have been able to learn so
      much by what people have shared, not just about my particular ancestors
      but about everyone's ancestors. It's interesting.



      Lois Petter Pereira
      Researching Petter, Vitek, Bartos, Papez, Polasek, Kostelnik, Rada, Hlavica, Orsak, Urban, Susil, Manak, Rosenzwieg, Brdusikova, Halla, Psencikove, Slovakove, Susila, Susily
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