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29676Re: [TexasCzechs] German/Czech Interaction WWII era

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  • CWarschak@aol.com
    Feb 2, 2006
          I, too, am of German and Czech ancestry and would prefer to stay neutral, however, I think that it is important that I point out a couple of facts that seem to continue to be overlooked. 
          I agree that there is no justification for what Hitler and his sympathizers did to the Czechs.  I would never defend anyone who committed such attrocities against any other group of people. I also realize that the Czechs were angry and felt that they wanted to "get even" with those "blankety-blank" Germans. 
          Unfortunately, however, the fact that those who defend the actions of the Czechs against all Germans living in the Czech lands don't seem to understand is that many people of German ancestry did not agree with the things that Hitler did. (My Sudeten German ancestors who lived on the same property in Austrian Silesia for many generations prior to WW II certainly were not in favor of the atrocities committed by Hitler.  In fact, in a letter written to my grandmother in the late 1940s by one of her Sudeten German cousins, whose family was a victim of this ethnic cleansing, he states "our own people (Hitler) brought this upon us".)
          Anyone who understands this fact should realize that there can be no justification for the things that the Czechs did to those people of German ancestry who did not support Hitler.     Furthermore, by acknowledging that not all Germans supported Hitler the German roots of those non-supporters becomes immaterial.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say that those Czechs who participated in the "ethnic cleansing" of Czechoslovakia are guilty of the same caliber of atrocities that Hitler committed.
          If any group should have wanted to "get even" is should have been the Jewish people.
          Once again, I am not taking side with the Germans of the Czechs but simply pointing out the facts as I see them.
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