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29671Re: [TexasCzechs] German/Czech Interaction WWII era

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  • Jim Hlavac
    Feb 1, 2006
      War, Oppression, Guilt and Responsibility in Europe:  2000BC to 2000AD
      Ah Europe, where the entire long history of the place, from the Artic to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic to the Urals and steppes of Asia -- has been one of the people "here" subjecting the people "there" to utter horror, war, slaughter, land grabs, dispossession, ethnic cleansing, and complete mayhem, death and murder since about 2000BC (Greek warring states against each other)  -- and continuing nearly uninterruptedly for the next 4,000 years, or until about the end of WWII (though even then there was the invasion of Hungary in '56, of Czechoslovakia in '68, of Poland in '81, and the Serbs against the non-Serbs in late '90s.)
      -- Nary a decade in any corner of that continent had been free of war and state-sponsonsored destruction or subjugation and suppression of the "other" in this long time -- whether against their neighbors or against their own people.
      -- And no people, or nation, or ethnic group, or princely state, or even so-called democracy had been free from guilt in this regard.
      -- Nor has any people, etc. been free from those attacks.
      -- And no people currently where they are today in Europe are where they started out from (save perhaps for the Basque) but instead slaughtered or removed or chased away those who were there before them, while pillaging, raping and destroying those who weren't killed or chased away.
      -- It would take thousands of pages to give just a one page description of every war and warlike campaign by Europeans against Europeans, and anyone around the fringes, for the 4,000 years of recorded history of Europe. 
      -- The continent was a violent place -- and only three things have served to stop it:
      1.  Parking the American 6th Army in Weisbaden Germany for the past 60 years
      2.  The continuing cold war (now lite) against the Russians by America
      3.  The bombing of the Serbs into submission of peace by America, where we once again had to park an army to prevent the slaughter.
      If left to themselves, Europeans would be at war with each in a heartbeat -- but fortunately we dear Americans (mostly of European descent) have put a stop to it -- and that's why we maintain a troop garrison or base in nearly every country in Europe today -- indeed, we have more troops in Europe today than we do in Iraq -- and all to keep those people from slaughtering each other.   
      He who is without sin, you cast that stone -- but no European could dare to pick that stone up -- for they were all guilty in their time and place -- Czechs included (hear about the wall built around the gypsy part of the city of Usti nad Labem in 2000? Yes, our dear Czech brethren creating ghettoes in this current time!)
      Far be it for any American to defend their forebearers or accuse another's in Europe from the charge of war, oppression, ethnic cleansing, destruction, murder, mayhem and suppression -- for none there are innocent. 
      That some in Europe were "better" at their misdeeds than others does not exonerate the rest of them. 
      So accuse the lot of them -- and wonder at the human stories of suffering that that violent continent produced year in an year out for 4,000 years.  Yea, that they surface, such as Jennifer Moore's.
      Jim Hlavac

      Jennifer Moore <kubicek@...> wrote:
      After WWI and before Hitler's fanaticism, I believe the German citizens in
      the Sudentenland and the Czech citizens lived peacefully. Although,
      somewhat separately, because of the language differences. Obviously, in
      the the late 1930's, 1938 I believe, Hitler annexed the Sudentenland and
      probably submitted the Czech citizens and German citizens as well to the
      "purge" of what he considered non-Aryans. Although he was really spreading
      his resources thin, so I'm not sure how much "purging" he did in the
      Sudentenland. But he was a fanatic, considering he had Jewish heritage
      himself. Plus he

      Keep in mind, I was not sharing my story to slam the Czechs. I was just
      sharing. I thought it was interesting how my German side interacted with
      the Czech area. The Czechs were simply protecting themselves from further
      interference from Germans.

      > What did the germans do the Czech people prior to and during WW2?

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