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28722RE: [TexasCzechs] Books: Czech Family Histories from TCGS Thanks Sylvia

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  • Jan
    Dec 3, 2005

      Great Books, Great Stories and Great Jobs to those who put them together.  That was a lot of time spent! 


      So when can we expect Volumes 3 and 4?




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      Thanks Sylvia


      I was at lost on what information to tell people since I did not know the details.





      I'd like to address the many questions that are being asked about the availability of TCGS's Czech Family Histories Book that has just been distributed.  They are not available at CCCH in Houston.  The only books they have at CCCH are for those people that ordered the books indicating they would like to "pick them up in Houston".   CCCH volunteered to be the point of distribution for those wishing to pick their books up there.  There are no extra books at that location.  There are many other cities  where people are picking them up.  

      We had 500 sets printed based on advanced sales.  The rules regarding submission of stories and the subsequent sale of the books were published in local papers, the SPJST Vestnik, and others.  The guidelines for articles were available on our web site.  Participation was open to non-members, as well as members.  In lieu of membership, some non-members elected to pay a fee for submission instead.  

      The 500 sets we had published are SOLD OUT.  We are awaiting 30 over run sets.  Please watch our website for arrival of the 30 additional book sets.   A number of those have already been sold as well.  


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