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  • Peggy McPeak
    Nov 4, 2005
      Laura -- did you take piano lessons from Mrs. Pope who lived between Taylor & Granger?
      Your name sounds familiar. I now live in Lubbock but go back to Taylor as often as I can. I took piano lessons from Mrs. Pope for 6 years. My memory is associating your name with music recitals.
      Peggy Wright McPeak
      Taylor native,
      Lubbock resident

      Laura Bohac <lkbohac@...> wrote:
      I too am from Granger, Texas.  I wonder if we knew
      each other. I graduated from GHS in 1965.  My maiden
      name was Vitek. It is so nice to find the TexasCzechs

      Laura Bohac

      --- Dolores Miller <texassanta5@...> wrote:

      > Martina, I agree with your translation.  I used to
      > speak fluent Czech but since my parents, Jan &
      > Frantiska Bigon Velicka, passed away, I am getting
      > rusty.  In Granger we also used the plural when
      > addressing a priest (young or old) and the nuns as a
      > measure of respect.

      > Martina Morrisová <morrisova@...> wrote:
      > Hallo,
      > since there is such a huge discussion about these
      > phrases, I could not help it but send an e-mail,
      > too. I know the difference, since I am Czech. I will
      > try my best to explain:
      > "Jak se mas?" is used when you talk to a child, to a
      > friend or to a relative. "Jak se mate" - first - it
      > is plural, so you use it when you address more
      > people in the same time. Second - you use it as a
      > form of respect when you talk to a person - adult -
      > you do not know or you know just briefly and you are
      > not friends yet. If you talk to an adult you are not
      > so familiar with, you need to ask him/her first if
      > it is O.K. to use just "jak se mas" instead of "jak
      > se mate".
      > I hope this will help.
      > Martina Morris
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