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27528RE: [TexasCzechs] all natural disasters

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  • teddybear99@sicembears.com
    Sep 2, 2005

      They did the same thing, only with different color bricks, when rebuilding the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco , Texas after the 1953 tornado.  The part of the building that had been blown off by the tornado was replaced with light beige bricks while the rest of the building was in a darker brown brick.


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      Can you imagine what the 1900 Galveston Hurricane was like with 8000 people losing their lives.  I recall a Taylor High School Band trip to Galveston .  One of the places we visited was a building on one of the higher points.  They had preserved the water line in the building.  Painted above and below the dirty water line.  Made quite and impression.

      Jim Hlavac <louisianaczech@...> wrote:

      I suppose then, when the earth quake hits San Fran, or Los Angeles , let's not rebuild there.

      And when the next Tsunami hits Tokyo or Honolulu   - let's not rebuld there

      And when a tornado strikes -- let's not rebuild there

      And when the many other myriad natural disasters strike the world over -- let's not rebuild there--

      indeed, let's all do a study and find the least potentially afflicted natural place -- and then build there -- so we can all be safe --

      and while we're at it -- let's all wrap ourselves in bubble wrap so we can be really safe --


      The city of New Orleans was started 300 years ago -- it has been a national decision to build the levee system to keep the Missi. River free for travel year round -- the levee system starts in Minnesota - let's rip it all out then?  -- it is long past time to cry about it now.


      There is no other place to put this city - it was  at the "highest" point at the mouth of a river which drains a continent when it was built -- as nearly every great city  ( london , Paris , Rome , Shanghai , NY - that's when travel was by river --)

      So now, let's save the folks before we worry about where, what and when to rebuild  --

      but go look at a map -- and tell me what to do with the 80 miles of port system which exists? And how many years it will take it to move it where? -- Do you plan on rerouting the entire River to make it safer?

      We can help people -- but we cannot go rebuilding cities away from the Natural Environment which is this Great Green Earth. 

      Jim Hlavac

      Lois Petter Pereira <epereira@...> wrote:

      I heard a disturbing interview last night. The reporter was interviewing a spokesman for the corp of engineers as to the levee system. She stated she understood the levee system was built for a category 3 hurricane but why not for a 5. After a song and dance it came down to cost. Hmmm wonder how much it takes to lose before our government steps up to the plate to keep us safe??? I think the city should not be rebuilt at the current site. It was allowed to sprawl and get more concrete with under the table deals with the real estate industry, businesses and even the govt itself for more taxes. The greed there is so obvious when you have 40 percent of your population at poverty level or below. Louisiana is a beautiful state and it needs to be able to heal and get back to rebuilding....lois petter pereira  


      "John L. Mikeska" <jlmikeska@...> wrote:

      A CNN reporter in New York made comment that I fully agreed with.  He stated to the effect "We saw the winds and rain hitting Monday.  Tuesday we began to see the terrible outcome, and today (Wednesday), so much more tragedy showing up from Tuesday.  "Hell", I don't even want to come to work tomorrow fearing what we may learn then". 

      Still tears coming as watching the news.  How terrible.  The worst predictions have come true.  How we must all pull together.  I try not to get political, but at this point, I have to say, bring our men and women home to help here.  I am so sad.

      Pat Lyon

      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
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      Lois Petter Pereira

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