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27477Re: [TexasCzechs] Katrina aftermath

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  • Nangotoo
    Sep 1, 2005
      >>Still tears coming as watching the news.  How terrible.  The worst predictions have come true.  How we must all pull together.  I try not to get political, but at this point, I have to say, bring our men and women home to help here.  I am so sad.<<
      Agreed, Pat.  We need people at home who are supposed to be doing things like this.  Here I am sitting in CA--so far away, but I have at least one first cousin living in New Orleans and I feel so helpless to be of help.  If I were there, I would be helping like I did here with our fires in Oct. 2003.  They need so much help and don't seem to have enough people to do it.  As people just seem to be saying," What can WE do?" when faced with the failure of law and order and of the levee system, I'm sitting here silently screaming,  "Do SOMETHING!"  This is such a mess.  I never thought I would see an American city where people are acting the way they are when other people are in their houses laying dead and others need rescuing.  The very people who are trying to help can't because they have to try to stop the looting and shooting.  I'm so crushed to see this and completely disgusted.  After going through the '94 earthquake and seeing how good people were to each other, I can't believe what I'm seeing--in America, not Iraq or another 3rd world country.  I experienced how good people were to each other when they had lost everything--I just don't understand this when so many need help around them.  I've been in tears several times over what has happened to the towns down there and to New Orleans and then when I've seen these people turn to animals and when the old people are rescued, etc.  I don't know what is more tragic.