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26693RE: [TexasCzechs] Edward Frank Marek

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  • Debra Zwahr
    Aug 10, 2005
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      The Social Security Death Index will give you his LAST KNOWN RESIDENCE which
      does have anything to do with what county his death occurred in. You need
      the Texas Death Records at Rootsweb.com, when the home page comes up click
      on the tab for searchs, then look 1/3 of the way down the page to where it
      lists about 4 or 5 states, Texas is the last one mentioned. Click on it. I
      forget the years you can look at but I believe it is 1964 through 2002.
      Enter his last name at least and the year of death. Up pops all the people
      with that last name. I search like that if Edward could have gone by Ed,
      Edw., Eddie, Eddy or Frank, Francis or by just an initial. I could not
      locate where one of my uncles died for almost 2 years until I found this

      Edward Frank Marek 24 Jan 1944 Male Bexar Edward J Marek
      Isabele Glomb
      Child Date of Birth Sex County
      Father Mother
      I could not find his death record in Texas. His birth information was on
      Ancestry.com, Texas Births 1903-1997, which is a pay site. If this is not
      the correct Edward Frank Marek e-mail me back [ at davidzwahr@... ]
      with his correct date of Birth and if it was in Texas after 1903 I can still
      look it up for you but I may only get the fathers name. The further back
      you go before 1926 to 1903 the mothers name appear less.

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      I grew up in Taiton which is just a few miles from Nada. Since Nada isn't
      very big as towns go, he probably lived out in the country nearby and could
      easily have lived in Wharton County whose border is about a mile or two
      south of Nada. I think the Nada people might read the El Campo Leader News.
      A cousin told me that they archive that paper at the Wharton County Library
      branch in El Campo.

      Elaine Naiser Hicks
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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Edward Frank Marek

      > Thanks, Cindy:
      > All the info you included I already have and have run out of where
      > to look next to find his birth parents. I tried getting a copy of
      > his death certificate but it is not in Colorado County so I will have
      > to try else where. He may have died in one of the surrounding
      > counties. Is there a newspaper that covers the Nada area that might
      > be available in a library to check for obits? Any suggestions would
      > be appreciated.
      > Irene Szwarc
      > Searching: Polansky, Kupka, Konarik, Marek, Sovjak, Janda, Marek, Jakel
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