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25818Re: [TexasCzechs] Granger Church

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  • Frances Barton
    May 1 5:12 PM
      I agree with Darwin's identifications below. I can add this: The woman in the black dress behind and to the left of Rev. Hegar is I'm pretty sure Mary (Mikulencak) Hegar, his wife. In Czech her name was "Marie." The woman directly to her right, in the grey dress, is her sister (and my grandmother) Albina (Mikulencak) Barton, Rev. Barton's wife. It can be confusing but I'll point out that the elder Rev. Barton, Joseph, spelled his name with the "ph." I guess that's German. The younger Rev. Barton, his son, insisted on the Czech spelling, or at least what I understand is the Czech spelling: "Josef." Joseph had no middle name; Josef's middle name was Adolf but he always went by Josef. A. Barton.

      Thanks for posting the photo. I don't remember ever seeing this one.

      Frances Barton

      dlmachu1@... wrote:
      I could not identify too many of the people. I think the man kneeling next to the cedar tree is Rev Joseph Barton Jr. The ministers are, the first one on the left is I am thinking Rev Beseda, then Rev Joseph Hegar, Then Rev Joseph Barton Sr, Rev Kostohryz. Kneeling on the front row are  Joe Huser, Joe Mikulencak Frank Martinets, and Frank Labaj, standing next to Frank Labaj is Henry Labaj. I could not enlarge the picture so the rest of the people are hard to identify. You can barely see my  my daddy , Anton Machu in about the middle of the picture on the right so I am sure that one of the little boys on the right is me but I do not know for sure.
                                 Darwin Machu

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