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  • Richard Kotrla
    Mar 3, 2005
      To my fellow listers:

      Please continue to share stories and photos of Czech educators, past
      and present. I along with others have enjoyed reading them. As
      previously stated, Czech educators made an influence on my life, and
      those who believed in education. My father's formal education ended
      at the 8th grade. My mother went on to graduate from high school,
      but no further...However, to us five kids, they went to great
      lengths to stress the importance of education. All of us gradsuated
      from high school, two of us have college degrees...I would like to
      believe that Czech educators, past and present, bring their values
      and culture into the classroom. I display a Czech flag in mine as
      point of curiosity. It's amazing at the first of the year what
      country the students think the flag represents...they never guess

      Richard Kotrla

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